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Table Focus

30 Mar 17
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Table Focus

  • Brand : KOAS
  • Made in Korea
  • Model : KFT1530UN
  • Dimension : 620 x 625 x 1180
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Leather



Office Chair KOAS Focus is the best facility with functional design for workplace that exudes elegance and elegance.

Feature description of KOAS focus office:

  • KOAS Focus Desk is the best product from KOAS, which is specially formulated to offer the most comfortable working space by supporting the keyboard to help you never get tired. Transferring power to the spine.
  • The pose adjuster is specially made from the latest KOAS technology.
  • The rider at the foot of the seat is constructed to withstand strong bumps and is extremely durable.
  • The back of your back can be adjusted to any angle at 4 steps, maintaining every position to ensure you are always comfortable.
  • Made of leather material from KOAS, environmentally friendly leather is always safe for you. At the same time, bring the sophistication and formal atmosphere to your working room.
  • Back position up / down, swivel / up / down, or height-to-pitch, tilt, and slope adjustments are easily handled when you are seated in any position.
  • Mattress pads can also be adjusted to adjust the slope as you like.
  • With the KOAS Focus Desk, you no longer have to worry about sitting long for work. KOAS gives you a comfortable, luxurious experience never before in any of the previous product lines.

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