IT Maintenance

Saving fee of hiring a professional IT engineer, our service will make sure your business run smoothly. Please feel free to call us if your computer:

  • Run Slowly, being down at the moment
  • The temperature of yours computer is NOT normal
  • Some sounds inside computer
  • Need to setup MS office package
  • Error on typing
  • Suddenly shutting down
  • Dusty
  • Virus attack
  • Errors on Windows, Word, Excel

What we offer?

  • Cleaning, Checking desktop(1 unit)
  • Cleaning, Checking laptop(1<2 units)
  • Cleaning, checking desktop + Windows installation + MS office package
  • Cleaning, checking laptop + Windows installation + MS office package
  • LAN setup – price exclusive LAN cable materials

  • Cleaning, maintenance computer system of company MONTHLY(<10 units)
  1. Two regular checking / month on 2nd and 4th week of month
  2. Remote troubleshooting
  3. Virus detection and notice virus risk
  4. Operation systems
  5. Hardware recommendation and supply computer’s accessories
  6. New PC setup
  7. Make your IT systems run smoothly
  8. Unlimited telephone assistance
  9. Unlimited remote and onsite support