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D2 Chair

30 Mar 17
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  • Brand : KOAS
  • Made in Korea
  • Model : CHD0250KCPF
  • Size : 600 x 540 x 845
  • Color : Blue
  • Material : Plastic with fabric





KOAS D2 Series Office Chair with luxurious design incorporates a wide range of colors for seat pads to create a brighter, more refreshing atmosphere, and a variety of atmospheres can be created. Office chair KOAS D2 Series is provided by Ptech Vietnam. The KOAS brand is certified as environmentally friendly

Description of KOAS office D2 Chair

  • Office Chair The KOAS D2 Series is back-lit with curves that deliver aesthetically pleasing curves, a curved shape that delivers agility, a stylish feel and a handy connection. The rational way to make the whole of the chair becomes slim
  • All details of the KOAS D2 Series Office Chair are carefully researched, especially the combination of the arm and back distance to create a comfortable, luxurious and elegant posture.
  • Optimized with back rest function that disperses weight, creates the most comfortable seat to maintain firm posture.
  • The backrest is constructed like two elbows below, which naturally rests back, so the KOAS D2 Series Office Chair gives you the comfort of being in your mother’s arms.
  • In particular, seat pads with sufficient elasticity, fixed to sit for long but still comfortable.
  • Combined with the foldable foldable seat design, it can be folded up without the need to use more space for you.

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